Hestiochora intermixta

A Forester or Burnet moth (Zygaenidae) at suppressed

Hestiochora intermixta at suppressed - 30 Nov 2007
Hestiochora intermixta at suppressed - 30 Nov 2007
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Identification history

Hestiochora intermixta 25 Jun 2024 ibaird
Hestiochora intermixta 24 Jun 2024 donhe
Hestiochora furcata 4 Dec 2023 ibaird
Unidentified 2 Dec 2023 PJH123

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User's notes

Hestiochora furcata Tarmann, 2005


PJH123 wrote:
   21 Jun 2024
I now do not believe this is Hestiochora furcata, the female is described as “very dark, almost without translucent parts, whereas those of the other three species (continentalis, queenslandensis & intermixta) have stripes on the forewing”. See Sighting 4499751 which I believe is good for furcata
ibaird wrote:
   21 Jun 2024
The moth appears to have an orange head. Based on this image:
could it be a female H. continentalis?
PJH123 wrote:
   22 Jun 2024
I believe it is Hestiochora intermixta based on a recent sighting, see Sighting 4577402 which is a male the abdomen markings are the same and both have the yellow in the forewing which is found mostly in this species and queenslandensis which has the male with black on the frons and vertex
donhe wrote:
   23 Jun 2024
AFD lists 9 Australian species of Hestiochora ? How do you rule out the other 6?
ibaird wrote:
   23 Jun 2024
Just by looking closely at the markings as seen online?
donhe wrote:
   24 Jun 2024
Then H. intermixta on BOLD have white rather than yellow wing marking? Is this a female, and BOLD's are all males?
PJH123 wrote:
   24 Jun 2024
Tarmann states, with reference to intermixta, "It is partly sympatric with, and externally very similar to, H. queenslandensis, sharing with it the yellowish scales on the wings"
donhe wrote:
   24 Jun 2024
So why do the photos in BOLD of H. intermixta have white wing markings? Are they wrongly identified or does the yellow colour fade in old specimens?
PJH123 wrote:
   24 Jun 2024
These areas are mostly translucent, a close look at the bold images does show a hint of yellow

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 30 Nov 2007 09:04 PM Recorded on
  • PJH123 Recorded by
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