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26 Aug 2021

Hi everyone, As you know we have been working really hard to bring NatureMapr to more areas in a sustainable way. We have turned on all of NSW, VIC and QLD and Kangaroo Island in SA at the moment, with the other remaining states on the way soon. This is underpinned by the brand new mobile app which...

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HELP! 6 more reviews required19 Sep 2021

Gang-Gang food items pass 1504 Oct 2021

Version 4.1.0 of the NatureMapr app released14 Sep 2021

Help review a 5 star app4 Sep 2021

UNSW Citizen Science Survey22 Aug 2021


Latest discussion

AaronClausen wrote:
12 Oct 2021
Hi Wendy, definitely from the photo I.e. where the photo was originally taken if a location exists.. upload location has no bearing.... Cheers Aaron.

HELP! 6 more reviews required
Wendyp5 wrote:
3 Oct 2021
Great app. But does it take the location info from the photo or from the location where it is uploaded eg home? If it’s the latter, we need a ‘use current location?’ query so the correct location can be input.

HELP! 6 more reviews required
AaronClausen wrote:
23 Sep 2021
Thanks so much Darcy, I've set you up on all 3 regions now as both Plant and Bird moderator. Really appreciate all your assistance and expertise... Cheers Aaron.

Regional Moderators and Administrators wanted
AaronClausen wrote:
23 Sep 2021
Thanks so much LyndalT, we hugely appreciate your support and the fact that you took the time to leave a positive review. Much kudos!

Darcy wrote:
20 Sep 2021
Hey @AaronClausen , I'm happy to mod for birds and plants in the Hume and Loddon-Mallee regions in Vic, and in the Riverina-Murray region in NSW. I'm already a mod for those cateories in Albury-Wodonga, and have a lot of experience in those regions -Darcy

Regional Moderators and Administrators wanted
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