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Edington Drive Environmental Reserve field guide

Edington Drive Environmental Reserve

3.91 sightings / ha
Noosa National Park field guide

Noosa National Park

0.02 sightings / ha
Brisbane City Botanic Gardens field guide

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

5.92 sightings / ha
Lamington National Park field guide

Lamington National Park

0 sightings / ha
Tuchekoi National Park field guide

Tuchekoi National Park

0.04 sightings / ha
Great Sandy (Mainland) NP field guide

Great Sandy (Mainland) NP

0 sightings / ha
D'Aguilar National Park field guide

D'Aguilar National Park

0 sightings / ha
Brisbane Botantic Gardens Mt Coot-tha field guide

Brisbane Botantic Gardens Mt Coot-tha

0.39 sightings / ha
Tewantin National Park field guide

Tewantin National Park

0 sightings / ha
Springbrook National Park field guide

Springbrook National Park

0 sightings / ha
Noosa Woods Foreshore Reserve field guide

Noosa Woods Foreshore Reserve

0.05 sightings / ha
Venman Bushland National Park field guide

Venman Bushland National Park

0.01 sightings / ha
West Cooroy State Forest field guide

West Cooroy State Forest

0 sightings / ha
Arthur Harold Nature Refuge field guide

Arthur Harold Nature Refuge

0 sightings / ha
Wallace Park Bushland Reserve field guide

Wallace Park Bushland Reserve

0.14 sightings / ha
Bribie Island National Park field guide

Bribie Island National Park

0 sightings / ha
Girraween Nature Refuge field guide

Girraween Nature Refuge

0.01 sightings / ha
Great Sandy Resources Reserve field guide

Great Sandy Resources Reserve

0.02 sightings / ha
Harry Spring Conservation Park field guide

Harry Spring Conservation Park

0.01 sightings / ha


19 Apr 2024

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Harrisi wrote:
14 Apr 2024
Austraeolis ornata I believe (now all we need is someone to moderate QLD sea slugs!?)

Austraeolis ornata
donhe wrote:
13 Apr 2024
Hope you can rear it to an adult moth. I would love to know what species it is.

Lepidoptera unclassified IMMATURE moth
ibaird wrote:
24 Mar 2024
Anthela repleta?

Anthela repleta
TimL wrote:
19 Mar 2024
Thanks Michael.

Ubiquitarion iridis
Michael123 wrote:
19 Mar 2024
Sphaerospira fraseri family Camaenidae. Native.

Sphaerospira fraseri

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